Artistic Director

In 1987, Kay Lawal-Muhammad, founded Actors Against Drugs, a touring theater company whose works heighten awareness of Substance Abuse and Public Health issues. Kay is a founding member of Womb Work Productions, a company that uses the expressions of creative and theater arts to educate and heighten the awareness of social and public health issues of families and communities. A graduate of Morgan State University, Kay conducts drama workshops for youth and adults.


"A good laugh never hurt anyone. In fact, humor actually helps promote healing and productivity." Through Kayotic Comedy, actress, director and laugh therapist, Kay lets loose a unique brand of humor born of her personal struggle. Tapping universal themes, she invites audiences in on the healing process. She speaks from the heart and shoots from the hip about fat, food, relationships and recovery. She shows audiences how to laugh through ups and downs. For two decades, Kay Lawal- Muhammad has performed around the world on stages from New York to Edinburgh, Scotland. A dramatic as well as comedic actress, she's appeared on an Emmy award-winning episode of the television series "Homicide," "America's Most Wanted" and "The Corner." For several years, she was half of the provocative comedy team "Thunder Thigh Revue" that toured the United States, Canada and Europe.